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Like many archaeologists I spend 1/4 of my year in a hole in the ground.

This is the kind of thing that happens to me because I’m an archaeologist. I call Visa to put a travel alert on my credit card. I’m on hold. Enya “Sail Away”* is playing. I’m irritated because I’m on hold, but if I must be on hold, yeah, I’ll listen to “Sail Away.” Good choice Visa.

Visa representative: “Hi thank you for holding. My name is Rubin. Could you state your name please?”

Me: “Annelia Alex.”

Rubin: “And how can I help you today Ms. Alex.”

Me: “I need to put a travel alert on my credit card.”

Rubin: “Okay we can do that for you today Ms. Alex. And tell me where and when will you be traveling?”

Me: “Okay I’m already in Israel, but from February 14- 18 I’ll be in Armenia, then…

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Fast shows

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Never Knowingly Underwhelmed

Golden-syrup-2Working in TV can be like striding through treacle. Specifically, writing for TV. So why do we do it? Specifically, why do I do it?

At the end of February last year, I hosted what we in the hosting trade haughtily call a “corporate”. It was an in-house event for the Shine Group, Elisabeth Murdoch’s production company, which has acquired a number of other production companies in the UK, including Kudos, Dragonfly and Princess, and operates Shine satellites “out of” France, Spain, Germany, Australia and the States. (They approached me after seeing me host a screening and Q&A at the Edinburgh TV Festival for the thriller Hunted where a miscalculation meant that I didn’t get a chair and had to host it standing up. One job leads to another.)

The Shine gig proved an exhilarating day; smoothly run at their end, and with a good, attentive audience of media buyers…

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I am supposed to write the conclusion of the debate in 3000 words. The conclusion I draw from the debate is that Bible is not the word of God and it isn’t even reliable as a historical document. Enough reasons have given to support the conclusion.

The reasons which “Rhoblogy” had given us in his opening statement have been dealt with comprehensively. An Argument from God’s Self-Affirming Authority isn’t enough to satisfy a seeker of truth. An Argument from Fulfilled Prophecy makes Nostadamus’ book the best book to be called the word of God. An Argument from Jesus is not valid because we don’t have his arguments nor do we know what he exactly said.  The External Critique from Islam shows us that the earliest followers of Islam (i.e Muhammad (saw) and his companions) never considered Bible to be the word of God. This is how I sum up Rhoblogy’s opening statement. Read the rest of this entry »

Ninad Gaikwad‘s conclusion: I hope I have demonstrated just how barbaric and unfair the Sharia law is. Not only is it openly discriminatory it is also a failure in the department of judiciary and finance (banks cannot sustain themselves without interest).  It is also impractical, since my opponent was unable to provide a single example of a country which had even come close to applying the real Sharia law. It can easily be exploited and misused by corrupt people (although I would argue that it was made to be used like that) as seen in countries like Saudi Arabia, where crazy mullahs make up insane laws like banning women from driving or countries like Iran which punish rape victims for the crime of adultery. Read the rest of this entry »

Insha Allah Kashmir. It does bring tears to your eyes. Those faces, the mothers weeping, the graveyards, fire, cries etc. This fills most of a very lengthy documentary. It is one hour twenty two minutes long movie, but repeating the same story again and again makes it seem like 3 hrs. Though I found it nice but it had nothing new to offer. There are way better documentaries over there and this one is just one out the lot. The way Islam has been portrayed in the movie is not the way in which it should have been. One of the ex-militants interviewed was actually asked such questions which need a lot of study of the subject. It was rubbish; the reporter was asking him questions using Islamic terminology while the matter to be discussed was the political problem of Kashmir. Read the rest of this entry »

Rhoblogy’s Question:In between when Islam alleges that Allah revealed the Qur’an to Mohammed and the Qur’an’s alleged collection and collation into one allegedly unified text by Caliph Uthman, some years, perhaps even decades, passed, during which the Qur’an was allegedly being preserved in the memories of those who’d heard Mohammed recite it to them, those who’d heard those who’d heard Mohammed, those who’d heard those who’d heard those who’d heard Mohammed, and those who’d heard those who’d  heard those who’d heard those who’d heard those who’d heard Mohammed, etc. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

How do you know that not one single error entered into the remembrance of what would later become the written text of the Qur’an during this in-between time? Read the rest of this entry »

My Question: What exactly is the word of God? If I hold a copy of Quran in my hand, I will have no problem in saying that this Arabic Text, in here, is 100 % the unaltered, pure Word of God (notice my words). No matter whose translation it is, I will be able to do it. Thus I will be able to present to you a document which according to me is 100% the unaltered, pure word of God. No matter you agree with me or not, but I will be able to do it. Can you do the same. Can you tell us that so and so Greek, or Hebrew, or Aramaic, or English is 100 % the unaltered, pure word of God. Can you please tell us exactly that this copy of the text is 100% the unaltered, pure word of God. While doing so, do give us a reason for the same. At the same time you should also be consistent with mainstream Christianity. Read the rest of this entry »